Our Company

Fine Cannabis Products, Grown and Raised in Nevada.

As a producer of fine cannabis extract products, we cater to the many unique needs of today’s discerning cannabis consumers. We aim to deliver innovative and tailored products to those seeking specific tastes, potencies, or particular experiences through cannabis oils and extracts. We believe in the therapeutic and recreational benefits of a cannabis oil extract and provide a diverse product offering in a range of discreet, portable, quality form factors. From disposable vaporizer pens, to a traditional vaporizer cartridge and threaded battery systems, we make exceptionally high quality oil in equally matched top of the line hardware.

Greenpoint Nevada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Golden Leaf Holdings, headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Our Brands

Golden Private Stash offers consumers the highest potency offering (80%+) in a light golden colored distillate. A uniquely reliable product, Golden Private Stash is a clean, smooth, and flavorful experience with consistent potency in a simple standard C-cell vaporizer cartridge. We infuse each batch Private Stash with a unique terpene blend to add strain specific flavor profiles. It is our best in class answer for everyone from lifelong cannabis practitioners to interested first time users. It’s a reliable, highly concentrated product, perfect for on the go discreet usage.

Jackpot is a distillate extract blend that offers a wide cannabinoid profile with infused terpenes, and a THC potency around 70%. Jackpot is a brand built on innovation that provides a uniquely variable experience, from strain to strain and depending on the individual. We explore the best of all possibilities, blending a broader range of therapeutic cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes in a high potency oil extract. Shorter run unique and limited strains are the mainstay for this lucky brand.

RSO+GO is a one of a kind extracted product that foregoes the distillation refinement process, thereby offering the broadest phytochemical and cannabinoid profiles in our lineup. Often referred to as a full spectrum extract, RSO+GO provides a truly unique experience with the closest analog to flower combustion in a vaporizer package. With more traditional true cannabis flavoring, RSO+GO retains the unique cannabis fingerprint of the original plant material from which the oil is derived and extracted. RSO+GO provides the fullest range benefits of cannabis consumption in a convenient vaporized delivery.

Our Process

Hand-crafted with care and science in beautiful Sparks, Nevada.

We extract cannabis oils from raw plant material via a cold extraction process. After soaking the plant matter to extract the oil itself, then through controlled evaporation, we end up with a rich cannabis oil solution full of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, carotenoids, and other phytochemicals.

This rich base extract is diverted through refined filtration and a portion of the captured result is our RSO+GO product. The remainder is sent through further refinement via a molecular distillation process. Concentrations around 70% are captured and retained as our Jackpot product, which include a blend of terpenes and a range of minor cannabinoids. Further up the chain, our most refined distillate over our 80%+ THC potency yield becomes our Golden Private Stash distillate.

Every product from each brand is infused with a proprietary blend of strain-specific terpenes to make our product the most fulfilling, flavor-packed vaporizing experience on the market today. All of our extract products are captured and distributed into the appropriate vaporizer delivery systems in-house. We ship and deliver to the best dispensary partners throughout Nevada.