California Market Transition Period Ending

With new, tougher regulations about to take place July 1st, many California marijuana businesses could be facing some bumpy times if they haven’t prepared.

“Come July 1, retailers will no longer be able to sell product that hasn’t passed testing lab standards mandated by regulators, which will be a serious shift for many companies and could be a major disruptor for retailers, growers and other businesses, such as edibles manufacturers.

“Some retailers in particular could face supply shortages if:

  • They didn’t line up reliable supply chains with distributors that can guarantee product that will pass lab testing standards.
  • They failed to stock up on lab-tested product in advance of July 1.
  • That, in turn, could lead to some supply shortages and even price spikes.

‘If you’re a brand out there and you haven’t been putting in the homework to get ready for this, July is going to be an incredibly rough month,” said Lucas Seymour, co-founder of the distribution firm Old Kai Logistics.'”

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